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Representative Technical Library
Trans Bio Energy Administration
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MaxR™ Products:
MaxR™ Products Overview
MaxR100™ brochure
ColdAir™ brochure
MaxR200™ brochure
MaxR300™ brochure
MaxR300-G™ brochure
MaxR™ Blending Plant

MaxR™ MSDS Forms:
MaxR100™ US MSDS (New)
MaxR100™ AM MSDS
MaxR100™ MO MSDS
ColdAir™ MSDS
MaxR200™ MSDS
MaxR300™ MSDS
MaxR Warranty

Admin Forms:
Admin Panel (Manuals, etc)
Client Form Library
MaxR100™ Tech:
MaxR100™ Commercial A/C App
MaxR100™ Installation Video
MaxR100™ Types/Refrigerant
MaxR100™ Thermodynamics
MaxR100™ Metal Compatability
MaxR100™ Floc Report
MaxR100™ Oil Miscibility Report

MaxR100™ Profile Forms:
MaxR100™ Test Sheet (html)
MaxR100™ Test Sheet (pdf)
MaxR100™ Test Sheet (xls)
MaxR100™ Rooftop A/C Evaluation
MaxR100™ Customer Evaluation
Refrigerated Trailer Worksheet

MaxR100™ Tests:
Desert Pines High School (LV)
Silverado High School (LV)
MaxR100™ Before/After
MaxR100™ 20-Ton Roof Top
MaxR100™ 5-Ton Roof Top
MaxR100™ Residential Heat Pump
MaxR100™ UofM Roof Top (Spanish)

ColdAir™ Tech:
ColdAir™ Installation
ColdAir™ Car & Truck Before/After

BioSafe™ Hydraulic Oils:
BioSafe™ Data Sheet
MaxR200™ Tech:
The MaxR™ Difference
MaxR200™ Engine Treatment
MaxR200™ Gear Treatment
MaxR200™ Hydraulic Treatment
MaxR200™ Extended Oil Life

MaxR200™ Tests:
MaxR200™ Extreme Pressure
MaxR200™ 400HP Air Compressor
MaxR200™ Wood Chipper
MaxR200™ Snorklift
MaxR200™ Temp Reduction
MaxR200™ Copper Corrosion
MaxR200™ Torque @ Load

MaxR200™ Profile Forms:
MaxR200™ Application Data
Refrigerated Trailer Worksheet

MaxR300™ Tech:
MaxR300™ Data Sheet

MaxR300™ Tests:
Coming Soon

Lubrication Reports:
Wear Rate Article
Machine Lube Failure Report
Canola Overview (USA)
Bio Transformer Oil Review
How Clean Should Oil Be?
Oil Sampling Tips
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