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Welcome To MaxR™ Intermetallic Compound Technology Lube of the future...Today!
Trans Bio Energy Company was formed in 2002 to acquire and develop energy saving technologies. The MaxR™ technology was developed in 2003 and has been modified in the ensuing years following extensive testing to meet ASTM and ASHREA Standards. It has been the leading technology for energy savings in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

With over 10,000 proven installations MaxR™ is now the leading energy savings in HVAC systems. MaxR100™ reduces electrical consumption, maintenance and noise in air-condition and refrigeration equipment.

Maxr100™ is a "metallic compound" in appropriate base refrigerant oil. It exerts a beneficial influence on human health as it leads to safer conservation practices.

The extended lubrication properties include the formation of an "intermetallic compound" on the metal surfaces of the compressor, condenser and evaporators in HVAC systems. This reaction protects the metal surfaces from wear after removing the accumulated varnish like material derived from the refrigerant oil.

The installation of MaxR100™ produces a favorable Return On Investment or what we like to call a Purchase Savings to the end user. MaxR100™ is backed by a 5 million dollar product liability insurance policy to guarantee the safety of MaxR100™.


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BioMaxR™ coming soon!

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MaxR™ will soon use rapeseed oil as it's base. This will create cash crops for farmers and diminish our dependency on non-renewable energy resources. Initial certification results of the new version, BioMaxR™, have provided increased protection and energy saving values.
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